The new two aluminum alloy wire of TGC through the identification of new products

On May 25, The AACSR and Aluminum alloy reinforced aluminum alloy conductor developed by the TGC.two new products passed the technical appraisal in Beijing. The experts and leaders From China Electric Power Research, National Grid, Shanghai cables, East China Electric Power Design Institute, Central South Electric Power Design Institute, North China Electric Power Design Institute and other units attended the appraising meeting, Zhang Zhong, the general manager of TG , Huang Hao Shi ,technical director of TG also attended the meeting. In the Meeting, the experts examined the relevant identification data and technical documentation.All of them agreed that the technology of two products developed by TG has reached the international advanced level of similar products and adopt the identification of new products. The two proprietary resource-saving products with own independent intellectual property rights meet the development requirements of the national grid, the market prospect is broad. Among them, AACSR has the advantages of higher tension weight ratio, transmission capacity, icing strong overload capacity which are suitable for large span, heavy ice overhead transmission line construction; while the aluminum core aluminum wire has a serial of characters ,including a light weight, higher pull weight ratio, small total resistance , no ferromagnetic loss, corrosion resistance which can reduce the costs of the transmission line project construction.